Owner and Designer, Daniel Johnson discovered his passion for fashion design of exclusive apparel throughout his music management profession. Once a hip-hop recording artist and concert promoter with the music entertainment industry, Daniel now dedicates his time to prospering and expanding the Levels branding apparel, fashion that reflects our time. Daniel also offers fashion business coaching and consulting services to individuals that are pursuing to start their own fashion brand/clothing line. Being an industry expert, he can deliver startup strategy sessions and assist with creating business models, perspectives, and approaches towards an entrepreneur’s goal to success. In addition to his passion for fashion design, Daniel builds promotional campaigns for artists and labels to connect with their audiences, engage with their fans and reach new milestones.

Daniel has developed and evolved the brand and its principles: inclusiveness, vibrancy, and exclusivity among a diverse younger crowd and aspires that individuals express their personality through fashion. Daniel's latest design is the turtle and hare collection that speaks on his perception of life: Sometimes you move slower, sometimes you move faster, but we are still all on the same track. He hopes that his accomplishments and resilience, despite adversities, sends a message to young individuals to always "Level Up". 

With the growing support for his business, Daniel hopes to give back to the community, inspire the youth, and expand into new markets. Levels is in Apache Mall in Rochester, MN and Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. 

"Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream" -Donatella Versace